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Year 5

Year 5

Meet The Team

Teacher: Miss Hussain

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gallagher

Teaching Assistant: Miss O’Sullivan

Keeping Safe Online At Home

Keeping Safe Online At Home

Don’t post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile number.  Think carefully before posting pictures or videos of yourself.  Once you’ve put  a picture of yourself online most people can see it and may be able to download it, it’s...

Keeping My Self At Home

Keeping My Self At Home

As the children will have heard lots about the recent events you may want to take the time to address the corona virus. We know this may be a difficult conversation. Here are some tips to make this a little easier to explain: As your children...

Home Learning 22nd April

Home Learning 22nd April

Dear Parents and Year Five Children, I hope you have had a happy and holy Easter and enjoyed a restful week! Please find below some suggested home learning activities that are linked to our Year Five topics. This week, I have updated this blog with activities for both...

Useful information for Year 5:


  • Due to storage the only bag that children are allowed are the smaller bags that are edged bright green (along with packed lunch bags).
  • Any child with a medical need is now required to have a care plan – please visit the office to pick up a form if your child’s plan needs updating.
  • Your child will have P.E every Monday and Tuesday – please ensure that a full P.E kit is in school on Monday morning which will then remain in school for the half term. If your child has a medical reason not to participate in P.E then please do let the class teacher or office know. All jewellery must be removed during P.E sessions.


Expectations in Year 5:


  • All homework, consisting of maths, a reading comprehension and spellings will be sent home every Monday and must be returned the following Friday. Your children will attend homework club on Friday if this hasn’t been returned to school.
  • Children are required to read for a minimum of 10 minutes every night – please support them in doing this. Reading records must be signed by parents, and you must write the pages read so that we are able to change books when necessary, otherwise your child will have to remain in at break times to read. The children must also write a comment when they have finished the book.
  • Please ensure that your child completes all other homework sent home as they are vital to your children’s learning and progress.
  • Children can bring in water bottles. They will be kept in class and sent home on a Friday to be washed. 




Your child should understand what they have to do before they go home. It will be their responsibility to check before they go home. Don’t give them any help unless absolutely necessary. If you have had to help your child, please write on the homework.

Please be careful with the Maths; let your child show you the methods we use.

Please allow your child to be more responsible by allowing them to give reasons why the occasional homework is not done.


Learning Homework


Make sure your child has plenty of practice learning times tables and other important Maths facts. These learning homeworks are really important. If a child knows these facts they are much more confident and relaxed with their work than those who haven’t; these children know they will not be able to do the work before they even begin.




Please hear your child read each night for at least 10 minutes. 

To keep up with the group they are in, they will need to read around 10 pages per night. If they want to read more please give them something different to read. At this age it is very important for your child to start reading a wide range of suitable material that grabs their interest.

Ask them questions to make sure of their understanding.

Please sign the reading records each night and your comments will be very helpful.

In line with school policy, children will remain inside if these expectations are not met. 


Tiredness/ Healthy Diet


Please make sure your child gets at least 10 1/2 hours unbroken sleep each night. Plenty of restful sleep and a healthy diet has been proved to give your child a much better chance of being successful and happy in school.

Make sure they are not being kept awake by taking mobile phones, TV, computer games etc. out of their rooms on school nights.

We are going to have a fantastic year! If there are any questions, please ask.

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