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      Religious Education at St Malachy’s

      At St Malachy’s we strive to live by the following Mission Statement:

      St. Malachy’s is a Catholic School where we will do our best to do the work of Jesus.

      We will study, pray, play and celebrate together.

      We will care for each other and look after each other, just like a big family.

      It is important to remember that we are all good and clever in different ways.

      We will learn important lessons that will help us when we grow up

      In our school it will be fun and we will strive to make it a safe place.

      Our school Mission Statement is regularly referred to and prominently displayed throughout school and emphasises our celebration of diversity. Following a review of the Mission Statement, it was divided into six sections. One section per half term is studied by all classes to develop an understanding and ensure it is at the core of all we do. All policies are based upon the Mission Statement and doing the work of Jesus is at the heart of everything we do.




      Catholic Life of the School

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