Prayer & Liturgy

Prayer & Liturgy

Prayer and Liturgy

It is our belief that Prayer and Liturgy in a Catholic school is concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. It is our loving response, in word and action, to the invitation to enter into a relationship with God, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit.

It is also our belief that Prayer and Liturgy is far more than a statutory requirement. It is a crucial aspect to the spiritual life of our school and to pupils’ moral and spiritual development. Prayer and Liturgy is an important part of our distinctive ethos.

We believe that the undertaking of daily Prayer and Liturgy promotes community cohesion by creating a consistent structure around the core values of the Catholic Faith – at St Malachy’s, our core values are faith, hope, joy, peace and love.

Throughout the year, we will come together to celebrate important events in the Liturgical calendar as well as the start and end of the academic year. Through regular prayer and liturgy, including Mass, the structure of the Church’s year will become embedded within each pupil’s life. At St Malachy’s, we recognise that there must be a daily act of worship for all pupils as this is a legal requirement:

– Monday – We gather together in phases for Prayer and Liturgy on a Monday. This is led by class teachers in turn based on the Gospel reading from the previous Sunday.

– Tuesday – All classes choose a theme for their class-based Prayer and Liturgy. The service This may link to a particular Bible story; a feast day, it could be based on a word, such as ‘friendship’ or ‘compassion’ or it could be linked to the core values of our school.

– Wednesday – We celebrate and praise God through music and song at singing assembly.

– Thursday – All classes undertake their Prayer and Liturgy.

– Friday – We come together to celebrate our achievements and successes in our assembly.

Below are some pictures of Prayer and Liturgy at St Malachy’s.


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