Keeping My Self At Home

Keeping My Self At Home

How to Keep Myself Safe at Home and School

As the children will have heard lots about the recent events you may want to take the time to address the corona virus. We know this may be a difficult conversation. Here are some tips to make this a little easier to explain:

As your children may be carrying out some home learning on the computer and accessing the internet it is important for them to remain safe on line. We know children are aware of E-safety from school sessions but the links below are some work you can carry out with them to remind them of how to stay safe when working online. These provide a range of lessons, stories and activities for your children to carry out:

After these sessions why not ask your children to make an online safety poster to remind them of the rules? Stick these up near computers and I-pads to refer to when using them.

If children are online gaming during their free time please remember to limit their screen time and remember to discuss the safety tips. Please follow the link below for advice and tips from child net:

As mentioned above, at this time of uncertainty we need to remain as positive as we can and boost each other’s self-esteem. It’s a great time to get talking about how you can help boost a child’s self-esteem. Here’s some advice on things you can say and small changes you can make as a family to help your child feel more confident and self-assured as they develop at different ages. Here is some advice and tips from Parent Zone and Healthy School’s below to talk through with your children:


Get your child to look at their strengths and interests 

At this young age, your child is unlikely to understand what is meant by the term self-esteem or have any experience of using social media just yet.

Now is a good time to ask them what things make them feel good about themselves, like what they enjoy doing in their spare time and the things they think they’re good at. Make it a family challenge where each person has to come up with three things they like about themselves and three things they enjoy doing – moving the focus away from appearances and towards achievements. 

At this age, your child may start to be influenced by their friends’ interests – music, sports, clothes – and anything that may be trending. Ask them what they think makes them different from their friends. Make it clear that it’s a good thing to pursue their own interests and hobbies even if they’re not the same as their friends’. 

Reassure your child that they don’t need to worry about what other people think — if an activity makes them feel good about themselves, that’s all that matters.

Remember if you are having to take your children out to get essentials to remind them of our road safety rules. Below is a link to help with this:

Remember to talk to children about dangers within the home. These could be dangerous objects for instance sharp knives or irons. There are two links below to get you started:



If your child needs support remember child line can be called on 0800 1111.

Free, 24-hour telephone helpline for children and young people anywhere in the UK. Trained counsellors offer comfort, support, advice and protection. Calls to Childline are confidential, and are free even from mobiles.

Finally, we would like to provide you with some information and guidance following recent updates in this ever-changing landscape.

Government update: stay at home.

Last week, the government announced that we should only leave our homes for the following very limited purposes:

  • One form of exercise a day (a walk, a run) alone or with members of your household only
  • For a medical need or to provide care or support for a vulnerable person
  • Travelling to and from work only if absolutely necessary

Always remember to wash our hands following the government advice. See the link below:

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