Home Learning Ideas 6th April

Home Learning Ideas 6th April


Listen to David Walliams read one of his books every day by following this link: https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

Access free online books here; https://www.magickeys.com/books/


Now is a great chance to read a range of texts. Read your school and library book every day, but also read magazines, reviews, comic books ect, and then write your own reviews.

Reading Offline

Choose your favourite book and re-write the ending. What is different? What is the same? What happens in your ending? 

Maths Online
  • Timestables rockstars
  • Hit the button
  • Tony’s pizza fraction shop
  • Zoo enclosures area
  • White Rose Maths have free worksheets. This is the scheme that we follow as a school. Our current topic is Fractions.
Maths Offline
  • Create a barchart of people’s favourite fruit, film, vegetables.
  • Set up your own shop or bank and learn how to exchange different values of money (ask your adult to borrow you some!)
  • Practice telling the time – create a schedule for the day ahead and write the planned time, and the actual time that you complete each task. Then work out how long each task took.
Science Offline

Conduct your own science experiment. What are the three states that water can take? Watch the ice melt and time how long it takes, what happens next? How long could it take for the ice to evaporate?

Now that the sun is beginning to shine, use it in your investigations. Go on a bug hunt in the garden or on your daily walk, and try and classify the creatures that you spot. Remember to look into the sky and up in the trees too! Can you go dog spotting whilst on a walk? What questions would you need in your classification grid?

Humanities Online

Download a travel brochure for Egypt here: https://simplebooklet.com/publish.php?wpKey=AdlNy6iv1xjhUXx9oEiuPg.

Now, recreate your own.

Conduct online research into The River Nile, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Civilisations. Create your own factfiles.

Humanities Offline
  • Write three facts about each continent.
  • Draw a map of Egypt and label the River Nile. Which countries does it run through?
PSHE Online

Remember to follow the e-safety rules whilst completing your online learning. Do not share personal details. Do not communicate with strangers or access websites above your age limit. If something upsets you tell an adult, and be kind online.



PSHE Offline

Take time to consider your feelings during this change. Create an emotions diary, and explain how you are feeling each day.

Write about 3 things every day, Something you have learnt, something you are greatful for and something that you would like to learn. When you return to school imagine all the new skills and knowledge that you will have!

If you are worried, nervous or unsure, tell an adult or write a letter to the worry monster, and ask an adult to post it (they will know the address!)

RE Online

Create an animated version of a Bible Story on Scratch. We have read many parables and stories in class. You could do the story of Esau and Jacob, Ruth and Boaz or the Easter Story. 

RE Offline

Write the Easter Story out as a  comic strip, a poem or even a rap. How could you tell the story of Jesus rising again?

PE Online


Joe Wicks kids workout/ Childrens yoga/ Children’s home workout

PE Offline

Stick on some music and start a tabata session. 30 seconds excercise and 20 seconds rest. The excercises are:

Sqauats/Squat jumps/ dead bugs/ press ups/ front support (plank).

Create your own and test your adults too!

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