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Home Learning 6th April

Home Learning 6th April

Hello Reception!

I hope you are all keeping well. The Reception staff miss you all lots.


Literacy and RE

This week for your home learning we are focusing on The Holy Week. If you have a children’s bible stories book at home you could read the story of Easter to your children from this, otherwise bible for beginners has a great video that the children usually really enjoy.

Following this could the children re-enact the Easter story. They could either do this themselves with their brothers or sisters or with help from yourselves, otherwise they could use figurines to re-enact the story.

Could they then do a piece of writing about what happened to Jesus at Easter. Could they try to do a couple of sentences. As long as the children are using their phonics to attempt to write words that are phonetically plausible then that’s great! Don’t forget you finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

Don’t forget to be practicing your speed sounds and tricky words.


The children could find Leonardo Da Vinci’s The last Supper, could they have a go at drawing and painting this at home.



Could the children have a go at subtracting. The children can use real objects to see that the quantity of  group can be changed by taking items away. The first, then, now structure can be used to create mathematical stories in meaningful contexts. For example, first Miss Turnbull had 10 sweets, then she ate 2, how many does she have now? Encourage the children to count all of items at the start (they might use sweets, buttons, counters) take away the required amount practically and recount to see how many are left. Remember to try and put it in a story context.

Using this method can they complete the following number sentences.

5 – 2 =

8 – 4 =

10 – 5 =

14 – 9 =

17 – 11 =

20 – 8 =

After this encourage them to solve some subtractions using their fingers (where the starting number is 10 or under).

Ten green bottles is a great song to sing with them when thinking about subtracting.


Topic/ Science

Our topic is animals. There are great videos on Maddie Moate’s you tube page



Make sure your children are hearing lots of great stories! Oliver Jeffers is streaming a book a day

Finally, Father Jim is streaming mass on Facebook. If you wish to add ‘James Clarke’ on Facebook you can celebrate Easter Sunday mass at home as a family.

I will be excited to hear all about your Easters, I wonder if any of you will go on an Easter egg hunt?

Love from Miss Turnbull

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