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Home Learning 20th April

Home Learning 20th April

Hello Reception,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Did the Easter bunny come and visit you?

Your home learning tasks for this week are…



For our literacy this week I would like to hear all about your Easters. Can you have a chat with a grown up about what you got up to over this special weekend and write a recount? Before you start writing can you practice talking your sentences out loud? You can count the words out on your fingers (this helps the children identify the separate words that make up the sentence). Can you write 2 or 3 sentences today? Maybe even more? An example of a recount might look like:

 The Easter bunny came to visit me and he hid eggs in my garden. I hid some eggs for my sister to find. Then I had lunch with my family.

Encourage the children to identify where they are going to put the full stops and capital letters before they start writing. Consistent practice with the tricky words and speed sounds will really help them when it comes to writing tasks such as this. Can you challenge your children to use a connective such as and.

 Can you get your children to write out all phase 2 and 3 tricky words this week? They are on the tricky word sheet in your home learning pack. Also remember daily speed sound practice.



Can you draw a picture to accompany your recount showing what you got up to at Easter? Can you paint it or colour it in with pencil crayons, felt tips or oil pastels?


Reading books

You can make a free account with oxford owl. Here you can access lots of great reading resources. The free ebooks are great reading materials which use the phonics sounds they know (you will have to create a log in, it takes 1 minute). At the start of the book it tells you how to use these resources.

 These ebooks are PC and tablet friendly. Some children will be working on red band, some on green and some may even be on purple. Try out the levels with your child to see what suits them.



For maths this week have a look at capacity. The best way to do this is for children to experiment practically playing with liquid and containers either in the paddling pool outside or in the bath. Provide your child with a container. Ask them to make their container full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty and about half full (remind them that a half has 2 equal parts). Provide lots of containers. Can they find a container that holds more than their container? Can they find one which holds less? Get them to describe the containers, using language such as narrow, thin, tall, short, round etc.

 With the selection of different containers, can they find which one hold the most? To do this use a small cup or a ladle to fill each container and count how many cupfuls each one holds. Encourage them to record their findings using their own methods of recording (you could for instance label each container with a marker showing how many cups it held). To extend learning you could get your child to estimate first which container they think will hold the most and the least and get them to explain why.



As we enter summer term we start a new topic, ‘Space, Land and Sea’. We are going to start off by looking at the sea. Can the children have a talk to a grown up about all the things they already know about the sea? Have you ever been to the sea? Do you have any stories at home about the sea? Maybe about sea animals, pirates or seaside holidays? If so, can you read these with your children? Can they think about anything they would like to learn about the sea?



Joe Wicks is doing a daily PE lesson which he streams each morning from his youtube channel. This is a great way to start the day.


Story time

It continues to be important for the children to hear lots of stories from grownups. Can they tell you what their favourite story is? Can they tell you about what happens in this story? Can they tell you who the characters are? Can they tell you why they like it?

Happy learning,

Love from Miss Turnbull.

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